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Things I am interested in right now:

1) I'm sort of kind of up for 1/20th of a Hugo.

(ObIHavePedantsOnMyFriendslist: I know it actually goes to the editors. Don't make me turn my cute little girlish squee up to eleven *right in your ear*.)

Comment I made to the Bujold List:

I had this weird vision of it being like the Stanley Cup and going on tour to everybody's hometown. I realise that this is not what happens, it was just sort of a deeply amusing image.

Also, unlike the Stanley Cup, you can't drink champagne (or anything else) out of a Hugo. This seems, on consideration, a strange oversight for the design committees to have made over the years.

Which, really, it sort of is. Considering.

2) I love Zoe Williams, when she's being funny:

To recap: I have just found out that I am pregnant again - 20 weeks pregnant. It is incredibly embarrassing... Before you go in, there's a form to fill in on which one of the questions is "How did you get pregnant?" I was looking for a box marked "It was dark and I was drunk", but there was just a column of expensive-sounding acronyms.

And when she isn't:

I think we have to consign to the dustbin of dur the fact that it takes publicly funded research to establish that young people and alcoholics prefer drinks that don't cost very much, and move on... There are not, however, an awful lot of people defending young binge drinkers and alcoholics. All voices converge on the idea that something should be done about them, and all that is wrong with these plans is that they are insufficiently targeted to hit the properly desperate, and poorly assessed for their economic impact on people who aren't quite desperate enough.

(Shorter article: in the ongoing effort to find ways to tackle alcoholism and binge drinking, the UK government has finally managed to find something that a) is punitive rather than constructive, b) hasn't got a hope in Hell of improving the situation, and c) will make poor people who drink poorer. So guess which one they're going for?)

3) (Snaffled from one of [ profile] iclysdale's comments threads) If you're Canadian and may at some point in your life have to deal with the police, there are a few things the nice people at Pivot would like you to know about your rights.

4) This is kind of a cool Paul McGann interview, and there's a really nice picture with it.

5) It's not exactly news that I like [ profile] pecunium's photos. But this one has been kind of rocking my world all week:


It's better larger; worth clicking "all sizes". I just sort of keep staring at it.

5b) He's still in the running for the Microsoft/Lenovo contest, and if you haven't voted for him yet you still can. *makes big pleading eyes at you all*


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