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Exposed skin freezes, or at least tries to. There was an infinitesimal gap between the top of my socks and the cuff of my long johns, and I felt the draft all day and have chafing and stinging now. I like my new boot-cut long johns under skirts, but for trousers, and for this weather, I think I shall stick to the cuffed ones henceforth.

The skin on my hands is so thin and dry from the cold and wind and dryness that I managed to rip several layers off of three fingers on my left hand today by tightening my (dirty, road-salt encrusted, soaking wet) bootlaces.[1]

Damn, but that stings.

Nevertheless, [ profile] rayne_daze and I wrapped ourselves up until we were approximately spherical today and got out and about today, at least as far as a few errands, the wool store, the grocery store, and [ profile] amazon_syren's excellent Wonderful Women Party.

And so to bed.

[1] This is not a solicitation for skin care advice. Between a family tendency to thin and fragile skin and the climate I live in, believe me, I probably take better care of my skin than you do. It just doesn't necessarily help; in this weather, the best I can hope to do is break even.
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I'll be down at the Hill at noon today, as part of the 62 percent majority who voted for someone other than the CPC in the last election.

There are rallies all across Canada, most but not all of them today.

If Harper's Government has lost your confidence, or if they never had it, you could go to one of them and say so.

Dress warmly.

And for now, have some SOTW:

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Ganked from [ profile] audrawilliams

[1]"... but old as Babylon and evil as Hell”


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