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Exposed skin freezes, or at least tries to. There was an infinitesimal gap between the top of my socks and the cuff of my long johns, and I felt the draft all day and have chafing and stinging now. I like my new boot-cut long johns under skirts, but for trousers, and for this weather, I think I shall stick to the cuffed ones henceforth.

The skin on my hands is so thin and dry from the cold and wind and dryness that I managed to rip several layers off of three fingers on my left hand today by tightening my (dirty, road-salt encrusted, soaking wet) bootlaces.[1]

Damn, but that stings.

Nevertheless, [ profile] rayne_daze and I wrapped ourselves up until we were approximately spherical today and got out and about today, at least as far as a few errands, the wool store, the grocery store, and [ profile] amazon_syren's excellent Wonderful Women Party.

And so to bed.

[1] This is not a solicitation for skin care advice. Between a family tendency to thin and fragile skin and the climate I live in, believe me, I probably take better care of my skin than you do. It just doesn't necessarily help; in this weather, the best I can hope to do is break even.
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Ganked from [ profile] audrawilliams

[1]"... but old as Babylon and evil as Hell”
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[ profile] iclysdale: oh, hey, they've got some of the live at red rocks videos on youtube...
[ profile] commodorified: OOOOOO
[ profile] commodorified: OMG BONOMULLET
[ profile] iclysdale: baby bono.
[ profile] commodorified: what do you mean BABY?
[ profile] commodorified: THAT IS HOW HE LOOKS!
[ profile] commodorified: *clings to denile*
[ profile] commodorified: man those boots were the sex
[ profile] commodorified: back in the day
[ profile] iclysdale: :)
[ profile] commodorified: OMG BABY EDGE
[ profile] iclysdale: wait till you get to the flag
[ profile] commodorified: I REMEMBER THE FLAG
[ profile] iclysdale: i've never seen the red rocks videos...
[ profile] commodorified: FORMATIVE.
[ profile] commodorified: I tell you.
[ profile] commodorified: my poor baby ears and hormones
[ profile] iclysdale: i was five.
[ profile] commodorified: I hate you now.
[ profile] commodorified: :)
[ profile] iclysdale: that's ok. i'm not sure [ profile] fairestcat was born yet.
[ profile] commodorified: [ profile] fairestcat WAS NOT BORN
[ profile] commodorified: borg, i hate you ALL
[ profile] commodorified: *weeps*
[ profile] iclysdale: love you SO MUCH.
[ profile] commodorified: they are so CUTE
[ profile] commodorified: I LOVE YOU TOO INFANT
[ profile] commodorified: he had the best ass back then
[ profile] iclysdale: pretty seriously cute, yeah.
[ profile] commodorified: BOOTS
[ profile] commodorified: even with the damn mullet, we gots the hott
[ profile] commodorified: ...damn but he was PRETTY
[ profile] iclysdale: yeah, seriously.
[ profile] iclysdale: ok, i'm going to sleep rsn, but THIS is bono.
[ profile] commodorifed: smile, you're on LJ
[ profile] commodorifed: *clicks*
[ profile] commodorifed: nah, that's some old man
[ profile] commodorifed: who thinks he's hip.
[ profile] iclysdale: THAT was twenty years ago.
[ profile] commodorifed: ... I HATE YOU
[ profile] commodorifed: I HATE YOU SOOO MUCH
[ profile] commodorifed: I love this song though
[ profile] iclysdale: and he's still just really hot.
[ profile] commodorifed: ... okay. and I love you. and you are a bad bad man and yes yes he is *licks*
[ profile] commodorifed: *edits lj post*
[ profile] iclysdale: here's another live version of with or without you
[ profile] iclysdale: youtube is teh crack.
[ profile] commodorifed: yes yes it is
[ profile] commodorifed: guitarist forearms
[ profile] commodorifed: my downfall *sigh*
[ profile] commodorifed: oh GOD BONO YOU R NOT JEEEZUS
[ profile] iclysdale: LAUGH
[ profile] commodorifed: Now, a SAINT ANDREW'S CROSS....
[ profile] commodorifed: I can get behind that
[ profile] commodorifed: OMG
[ profile] commodorifed: In Which They Rise Above A Fucked Bass Bin
[ profile] commodorifed: And Bono's Hair Rises Above All
[ profile] iclysdale: i'm still halfway through the joshua tree tour with or without you...
[ profile] iclysdale: the nine minute version with very limited movement due to bono's broken arm.
[ profile] commodorifed: right yeah I remember that
[ profile] commodorifed: So he doesn't make like Jesus?
[ profile] iclysdale: no, no jesus at all.
[ profile] commodorifed: damn his EARS ARE HOT
[ profile] commodorifed: god this man steamed up my WHOLE PUBERTY
[ profile] commodorifed: well, him and Bowie
[ profile] iclysdale: OMG MULLET.
[ profile] iclysdale: Yes, I'm on to the Live Aid show now.
[ profile] commodorifed: MULLET OF SOCIAL CONCERN
[ profile] iclysdale: *ROFL*
[ profile] commodorifed: god he cannot dance. big dork
[ profile] commodorifed: But it's his revolution anyway.
[ profile] iclysdale: fine, he gets an exemption.
[ profile] commodorifed: FOR HIS ASS
[ profile] commodorifed: AWWWWW CUDDLING FANGIRLS
[ profile] commodorifed: DUDE HE KISSED HER HAND
[ profile] commodorifed: see, this is why
[ profile] iclysdale: TOMORROW AFTERNOON!
[ profile] commodorifed: FLY FASTER
[ profile] commodorifed: I MISS MIC STANDS
[ profile] commodorifed: there are WORLDS OF EROTICISM LOST WITH REMOTE MICS
[ profile] iclysdale: It is true, I must say.


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