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[ profile] iclysdale is in Madison.

[ profile] iclysdale: But I'm not necessarily the best advice on this.
[ profile] iclysdale: Not really being any equity-seeking groups myself.
[ profile] commodorified: straight boy ;-)
[ profile] iclysdale: ;-)
[ profile] iclysdale: I AM SO OPPRESSED TOO MARNA OMG.
[ profile] commodorified: Are you?
[ profile] commodorified: who by?

[ profile] commodorified: I need a favour.
[ profile] fairestcat: yes?
[ profile] commodorified: Can you a) go thwap ian, b) yell THE PATRIARCHY HURTS MEN TOOOOOO! and c) run away? ;-)
[ profile] commodorified: he says he is oppressed
[ profile] fairestcat: possibly not with the running, so I don't fall on the slick floors
[ profile] commodorified: point!

[ profile] iclysdale: Second-hand abuse? That's not love, y'awl.
[ profile] commodorified: NO IT IS THER PATRIARCHY
[ profile] commodorified: see? it hurts men TOOOOOOO!
[ profile] iclysdale: ouch.
[ profile] commodorified: poor patriarchal [ profile] iclysdale
[ profile] iclysdale: [ profile] fairestcat says she is not the patriarchy.

[ profile] commodorified: FALSE CONSCIOUSNESS
[ profile] commodorified: :-)
[ profile] fairestcat: THAT'S WHAT I TOLD HIM
[ profile] commodorified: HAH!

[ profile] fairestcat: I suppose I might be a tool OF the patriarchy
[ profile] fairestcat: as are we all
[ profile] fairestcat: in our own ways
[ profile] commodorified: come here, my little adjustable wench...

[ profile] iclysdale: damn your perpetuating systems of oppression anyways.
[ profile] iclysdale: hrmph.
[ profile] commodorified: It's not MY system.
[ profile] commodorified: I AM OPPRESSED. [ profile] fairestcat IS OPPRESSED. YOU ARE COMPLICIT.
[ profile] iclysdale: riiiiiight.

[ profile] commodorified: this is so ending up on lj :-)
[ profile] fairestcat: *thwaps*
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[ profile] damned_colonial: I am so confused by "general audience (gen)" vs slash
[ profile] commodorified: yeah
[ profile] damned_colonial: ok, pre-slash that contains the word "sodomite" -- I will say "mature", not "general".
[ profile] commodorified: sodomite sodomite sodomite!
[ profile] damned_colonial: exactly
[ profile] damned_colonial: also paederast
[ profile] commodorified: I fear we are not mature audiences.
[ profile] damned_colonial: that is so very true.
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Note from [ profile] fajrdrako, re: The Great Canal Mud Expedition and subsequent sore muscles:

You are the only friend I have whom I imagine is regularly addressed as 'you fiend'.

She, in turn, is the only friend *I* have who has given me my very own LJ tag: All Marna's Fault.

Wah. Also Hah, and furthermore Hah.

Off to Mud Lake today. Soon I must stay home and do laundry and things, but the Spring Fever, it is strong in me this week. The days are fit to walk in, so walk I apparently must.

Now, if the damned snow mold, to which I am floridly allergic, would just wash away... shall stop at the pharmacy for more Claratin on the way out.
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I need to bounce the box
I have an oddity in the monitor and I'm hoping I can make it go away

[ profile] commodorified

somehow that sounded filthy


Sorry, hanging out with too many microsofties, one learns weird lingo

[ profile] commodorified

no, i approve of filthy

[ profile] commodorified

it sounds like a rather jolly euphemism for wanking
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Anyone want to play Animal and Object?

The Premise:

I believe that [ profile] damned_colonial and I invented this game while inventing inn names for something we were writing. It occurred to us that one of the most common forms of pub name was Animal+Object (eg. Pig and Whistle).

The Actual Game:

The basic format is cheerfully stolen from The Minister's Cat; it's a progressive alphabet game. (So the letter you play is the letter after the one in the last person's turn *sings the alphabet song*)

So Round One looks like this:

The Apostle[1] and Agate/Bison and Boxcar/Codfish and Corpse[2]...

Round Two looks like this:

The Apostle and Agate[3] in Arnprior.

Round Three looks like this:

An Aquavit at the Apostle and Agate in Arnprior.

Round Four looks like this:

An Aquavit with Arthur at the Apostle and Agate in Arnprior.

If we make it to Round Five this time I'll come up with something.


Round Five: We appear to be down to adjectives, so Round Five will be

An Adequate Aquavit with Arthur at the Apostle and Agate in Arnprior.

Special LiveJournal Rules:

Please reply only to the original post, not to other comments, (unless your comment is a question or digression instead of a turn; digressions are totally allowed, but I'm fine with them collapsing) because if the threads collapse the game becomes completely unplayable.

Simultaneous replies may lead to a letter being doubled or tripled. We ignore this gracefully and carry on. Nevertheless, you are on your honour to play the letter available as of when you hit 'reply', not to hit reply until you actually know what you're going to type, and to hit 'refresh' before hitting 'reply' if your pause for thought has turned into an expedition to refill your coffee, have a smoke, and try to recall what that thing you had in Ungava Bay that started with X was called.

[1] Humans are Animals, yes. The dividing line is: If it breathes, it's an Animal. Everything up is also an Animal, for these purposes: Angels, Buddha, whatever. If it photosynthesizes, it's an Object. Everything down is also an object; rocks or anything.

[2] That's me getting the only permitted use of a human as an Object out of the way early.

[3] Only with a new pub name. I just didn't want to use up TOO many words making examples.

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Special to Creek Running North: Biologists have long assumed that evolutionary psychology, a controversial branch of psychology that ascribes many common social behaviors to genetics, is a muddled blend of half-understood evolutionary biology, selective data mining and resentment of women’s changing roles in society.

A new study, published in today’s issue of the German publication Unwirklichen Genetikjournal, does not challenge that assessment. But it does suggest that some men may be genetically predisposed to believe in evolutionary psychology, a finding that may well suggest future methods of treatment of the psychological malady.

Believers in evolutionary psychology maintain that feminism sets itself in opposition to millions of years of anthropoid evolution, and is thus futile and inhumane to men. Allegations made by believers include references to putative differences in math skills between men and women, a supposedly irresistible but entirely non-visually stimulated female attraction toward powerful and/or arrogant males, and the existence of a genetically preordained male right to multiple female sexual partners.

Many such men hold to these beliefs despite an absolute lack of supporting scientific evidence, says Dr. Ulrike Mann-Esser, chair of the sexual anthropology department at Universität Ulm and the study’s lead researcher. “But we had no way to determine why this was so until last year’s discovery of the locus taedius.”

I'll be over here, on the floor, where I am genetically predisposed to land when a particularly deft skewering of the patriarchy is this funny.


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