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Words: 18 800

yeah, I woke up.


OMFG TIRED. But I hate this thing a bit less now. Or I hate myself less. It's hard to tell lately.

[1] "Woe to you, o earth, where the king is a child"
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It's Richard II's 640th birthday today *sends him cakes and ale, wherever he is*

Have left the Tower to simmer and started writing the prologue-y bit, because when you have a bit wot refuses to be written and a bit wot screams to be written, well, hell, life is hard enough, yes?

Words: 18 309.

For now, anyway. There might be more later, but now I want food and a shower and possibly a nap. This needing to sleep huge amounts is annoying, and I wish I could mail some of the excess sleep to [ profile] the_red_shoes, who is having trouble sleeping lately.

Still owe emails and phone calls all over the place.
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Putter, putter, type, type.

Slogging along. The suck-monkeys are up to my arse and gibbering; send booze help.

Words: 17 877

Mean Things: Decapitations fast, slow and medium, rapine, pillage, plunder, making people cry.

[ profile] angevin2 is at 18 743, because just as I was about to catch up she sneakily became productive! *cheers her on*
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17 353

A whole 200 words. At least it's words.

Whatever it is that's making me half asleep all the time had better bugger off soon. But for now, I'm going to put the other half of me to bed too and see if that gets them back on speaking terms.
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"Err, which bit of him were you wanting, now?"

Words: 17 133. [ profile] angevin2 says I am catching up to the diss at last, after which we shall march bravely forth, shoulder to shoulder into the land of the six digit wordcount!

Mean things: pretty much every word of it. Depending on whose side you're on.
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Words: 15 620

Mean things: revolting peasants.

Too tired to finish choreographing the clusterfuck tonight.
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Words: 14551.

Only 500 new words, but that gets me to the opening of the Tower gates and the invasion of the Tower, and my mouse is dying and my back aches and I am too tired tonight to choreograph one of the more impressive strategic clusterfucks of the Early Modern Era.

[ profile] angevin2 is loff. Also she is done marking, so yay!
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Words: 14095
Hurling Heroine Count: 3. They've ALL puked now.
Mean things: London is Burning, Marriage is HAAAARD, Grownups don't UNDERSTAND, Some boys are shocked by boykissing.
Loff for [ profile] angevin2: Growing daily.
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So one of the things that comes up in discussions of slash is characters being "written as teenaged girls."

Assuming for the moment that it's a fair cop...

I don't understand why writing teenaged girls is so damn popular. I do not.

I cannot WAIT for this heavily-armed hormone-crazed pack of wild-eyed youngsters I have running England right now to grow the hell up a bit.

Teenaged girls are Haaaaaaaad!


Words: 12 007.

Many many mean things.

Still no sex. Sex soon.

Debt to [ profile] angevin2: Incalculable, comme toujours.
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Word count: 11167!


The Savoy, for instance. FINALLY (things keep needing to happen first, dammit) And possibly a few of the characters.
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Word count:

10 040.

Go me! Go [ profile] angevin2!


Specifically, go burn the damn Savoy, willya?

Word count

Nov. 29th, 2006 01:00 am
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Hors de combat again, due to a NEW work-out routine at the gym.

Let's just say that if I ever start doing those detailed work in progress posts I won't be mentioning my stimulant consumption, lest you all start plotting an Intervention.

*says yes to drugs*

Anyway, wordcount is now 9038, and the peasants are still revolting. Tomorrow I have a palace to burn.

[ profile] angevin2 has taken a night off from the diss and is helping me keep my characters straight. Or at least sorted. :)
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Wordcount on The Draft Presently Known as Rose of The Wars: 8425
New words today: 601

[ profile] angevin2's diss is at 17 402, 899 new today.

RIGHT, then.
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Still editing and tweaking. Despite my resolve not to do that this time, I find I can't do without it; gives me the chance to figure out what I've figured out since I was last by that way. Also, the peasants are revolting, oh yes they are ...

Word count: 7886.

[ profile] angevin2 is at 13 382!
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Editing and reworking. And battling the many-armed daemons of suckitude.

Have bell. Have candle. Have no book, which is the problem in a nutshell, really.


Word count: 7027
[ profile] angevin2 is at 13 000!
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Well, I gave it a shove and it's sort of rolling downhill.

Word count as of today:


[ profile] angevin2 is at 11 813!
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Took forever and much enabling from [ profile] angevin2 to get started, but...


(and some unexpected sex)

[ profile] angevin2 has cracked 9000! *cheers and tosses confetti*.

(Using the Anne icon today because I am feeling especially fond of her at the moment.)
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Finally got back to it, and while I was off slacking and watching fireworks and listening to music and all, [ profile] angevin2's been getting way ahead of me and is now at 8336.

I'm at 4181, and feel a bit as if the last 500 had been pulled out of my guts with a fishook. Think I may have got back on top of it for a bit, though.

And per [ profile] matociquala's International Freedom Suck Amnesty (held over by popular demand) I will note that the words don't suck. They need -- and will GET -- some work, but they do not suck.
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Word count as of the end of today:

3547 (including about 600 words of recycling). Also, made it to the sex. *fills up tank for very long drive to next sex*

[ profile] angevin2's at 7020 *chases her*


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