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Note from [ profile] fajrdrako, re: The Great Canal Mud Expedition and subsequent sore muscles:

You are the only friend I have whom I imagine is regularly addressed as 'you fiend'.

She, in turn, is the only friend *I* have who has given me my very own LJ tag: All Marna's Fault.

Wah. Also Hah, and furthermore Hah.

Off to Mud Lake today. Soon I must stay home and do laundry and things, but the Spring Fever, it is strong in me this week. The days are fit to walk in, so walk I apparently must.

Now, if the damned snow mold, to which I am floridly allergic, would just wash away... shall stop at the pharmacy for more Claratin on the way out.
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Almost done...


The antique Persians taught three useful things,
To draw the bow, to ride, and speak the truth. [*]
This was the mode of Cyrus, best of kings --
A mode adopted since by modern youth.
Bows have they, generally with two strings;
Horses they ride without remorse or ruth;
At speaking truth perhaps they are less clever,
But draw the long bow better now than ever.

The cause of this effect, or this defect, -- 'For this effect defective comes by cause, -- [*] Is what I have not leisure to inspect; But this I must say in my own applause, )
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Ah! -- What should follow slips from my reflection;
Whatever follows ne'ertheless may be
As à-propos of hope or retrospection,
As though the lurking thought had follow'd free.
All present life is but an interjection,
An "Oh!" or "Ah!" of joy or misery,
Or a "Ha! ha!" or "Bah!" -- a yawn, or "Pooh!"
Of which perhaps the latter is most true.

But, more or less, the whole's a syncop√© Or a singultus -- emblems of emotion )
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If from great nature's or our own abyss
Of thought we could but snatch a certainty,
Perhaps mankind might find the path they miss --
But then 't would spoil much good philosophy.
One system eats another up, and this
Much as old Saturn ate his progeny;
For when his pious consort gave him stones
In lieu of sons, of these he made no bones.

But System doth reverse the Titan's breakfast, And eats her parents, albeit the digestion Is difficult. )
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Oh blood and thunder! and oh blood and wounds!
These are but vulgar oaths, as you may deem,
Too gentle reader! and most shocking sounds:
And so they are; yet thus is Glory's dream
Unriddled, and as my true Muse expounds
At present such things, since they are her theme,
So be they her inspirers! Call them Mars,
Bellona, what you will -- they mean but wars.

All was prepared -- the fire, the sword, the men
To wield them in their terrible array.
The army, like a lion from his den,
March'd forth with nerve and sinews bent to slay, --
A human Hydra, issuing from its fen
To breathe destruction on its winding way,
Whose heads were heroes, which cut off in vain
Immediately in others grew again.

History can only take things in the gross; )
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O Love! O Glory! what are ye who fly
Around us ever, rarely to alight?
There's not a meteor in the polar sky
Of such transcendent and more fleeting flight.
Chill, and chain'd to cold earth, we lift on high
Our eyes in search of either lovely light;
A thousand and a thousand colours they
Assume, then leave us on our freezing way.

And such as they are, such my present tale is, A non-descript and ever-varying rhyme, )
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"There is a tide in the affairs of men
Which, -- taken at the flood," -- you know the rest,
And most of us have found it now and then;
At least we think so, though but few have guess'd
The moment, till too late to come again.
But no doubt every thing is for the best --
Of which the surest sign is in the end:
When things are at the worst they sometimes mend.

There is a tide in the affairs of women Which, taken at the flood, leads -- God knows where: )
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Canto One, Continued...)

The hand which still held Juan's, by degrees
Gently, but palpably confirm'd its grasp,
As if it said, "Detain me, if you please;"
Yet there's no doubt she only meant to clasp
His fingers with a pure Platonic squeeze:
She would have shrunk as from a toad, or asp,
Had she imagined such a thing could rouse
A feeling dangerous to a prudent spouse.

I cannot know what Juan thought of this, )

Footnotes for them as wants 'em.


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