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Bargaining Update, 12:00 noon March 16, 2007

CUPE Staff are now officially on strike.

The Joint Bargaining Team has agreed to a communications blackout until further notice, and is intensively working toward a settlement at this time.

We're also all over the CBC webpage.

And based on what I am seeing out the window of the hotel room plus weather reports, we're also about to be snowed in.

OTOH, [ profile] raynedaze is here. So we are all together, and we have snacks.
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That's [ profile] iclysdale in the green jacket. Damn right my old man is hot when he's angry :)

(He doesn't think that picture is hot. Feel free to point out the error of his ways in comments)

Picket Duty Night In Canada.

Picket-sign of the day: A picture of a dagger dripping blood, with the slogan "Et Tu, [name of person on management negotiation team]?"

Get yer fresh hot updates here.

Marvel at the hotness of CUPE staff (and members, and friends, and family, and random supportive members of the Canadian public who happened to be passing by) here.
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[ profile] iclysdale walks the line.

Best picket sign of the week:

Roll Over?
Play Dead?
Where the fuck is your head?

Yeah, so this is pretty much all I got lately.
for exciting daily updates!

ETA: This one's pretty good too:

Ian was commenting rather despairingly this evening that if this keeps up, he's going to end up knowing ALL THE WORDS.

Which, for anyone who may need them in the near future, are as follows:

When the Union's inspiration through the workers' blood shall run, )

It does, however, make a change from being incessantly earworned by Which Side Are You On?


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