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Exposed skin freezes, or at least tries to. There was an infinitesimal gap between the top of my socks and the cuff of my long johns, and I felt the draft all day and have chafing and stinging now. I like my new boot-cut long johns under skirts, but for trousers, and for this weather, I think I shall stick to the cuffed ones henceforth.

The skin on my hands is so thin and dry from the cold and wind and dryness that I managed to rip several layers off of three fingers on my left hand today by tightening my (dirty, road-salt encrusted, soaking wet) bootlaces.[1]

Damn, but that stings.

Nevertheless, [ profile] rayne_daze and I wrapped ourselves up until we were approximately spherical today and got out and about today, at least as far as a few errands, the wool store, the grocery store, and [ profile] amazon_syren's excellent Wonderful Women Party.

And so to bed.

[1] This is not a solicitation for skin care advice. Between a family tendency to thin and fragile skin and the climate I live in, believe me, I probably take better care of my skin than you do. It just doesn't necessarily help; in this weather, the best I can hope to do is break even.
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The snowpiles continue to lurk. When I go out the piles are over my head on both sides.

I'm thinking of sticking a plastic flower in the snowpile, and perhaps a small sign that says "garden". Even the trellis is buried. Hard to believe that in a month there will be flowers.

Side street a block away. Still no sign of a plow.

This man is crazier than I'll ever be. This man is crazier than most people will ever be. This man ... is a nutter.

But, as the Globe and Mail points out, at least he's enjoying his winter... (via [ profile] auriaephiala)
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It is really quite impressively vile out there. But [ profile] angevin2 has made me a truly SPIFFING icon which perfectly captures my emotions at this development.

Also, I was invited to a whole bunch of conflicting social things tonight. I made it to the tenant's birthday party, which didn't actually involve leaving my own porch.

Time for me to go to bed, I think.
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Until I encountered the Million Metres Of Hell that is Downtown Ottawa today. And wiped out.

*abuses the Mop and Pail's bandwidth*


50 cm more snow tomorrow. HALFAFRIGGINGMETREOFSNOW.

However, CBC radio is rebroadcasting one of Jeff Healey's last concerts and you can go listen to it. I don't know how long it will be up.

G'night, darlings. I'm off to bed with a glass of port and [ profile] scott_lynch.


Mar. 7th, 2008 12:59 am
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Nowhere to put more snow. (Our lot's 33' wide, which is pretty standard in Centretown. Those piles you see are covering all the non-walkway, non-parking space areas of the front area.)

This is my GARDEN, people. At least I don't have to worry about squirrels getting the bulbs at this point.

The sidewalk on my street. AFTER the sidewalk plow was through and AFTER the tenants and I and various neighbours had all taken a bit of a hack at it. And they're talking about raising our property taxes next year for WHY?


via [ profile] damned_colonial, the no-street parking-till-they-catch-up-on-the-plowing area.
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It just rolls back down the side of the pile.


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