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I see Fred Phelps, Sr., has met his Maker.

. . . AWKWARD.

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Santorum: The Idea Of A Separation Of Church And State Makes Me Want To Vomit.

Ladies, Gentlemen and Others, I suggest you check his schedule and prepare and deploy your nausea-inducing signs, tshirts, and bumper stickers.

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1) Seriously, whatsisname wouldn't fall for a nice Rabbi?

2) Actually, I have encountered some truly terrible women written by women, some impressively implausible lesbians written by lesbians - and some fantastic women written by men, lesbians written by straight people ... just, you know, if the energy currently being consumed by all this fretting was instead going into research and thoughtful exploration of the issues at stake we'd be drowning in good-to-excellent fic.

3) There almost certainly are ways to write escapist, funny, fantastic, or otherwise not strictly realistic fiction about people who aren't straight ablebodied white USian men with incomes of at least $50 000 per annum. Terry Pratchett does excellently funny women of many sorts, for example, including Old Bags, Spunky Heroines, and Ladies Of Negotiable Virtue with hearts of solid schist, and yet he doesn't as a rule make my teeth itch.

3a) I grant you it is absolutely not anyone's job to educate anyone, but there could perhaps be brainstorming.

4) I actually know people who still seriously consider the Irish Famine and the Highland Clearances too recent to qualify as the subject of whacky escapist comedy. Treading carefully is advisable. It is perhaps a good rule of thumb, when writing escapist or comic fiction about basically grim situations, to think of oneself as doing so with the intention of amusing or diverting or giving comfort to the victims. I mean, Hogan's Heroes, with all its flaws, made fun of the Nazis, not of their victims.
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Oh, look, the Wiscon troll thinks we're mean.
(It's locked, but you can just join).

Possibly she ought to have read Reasons to be polite and decent to other people in online fandom, none of which have anything whatsoever to do with BNFs, Niceness, or Censorship *toots own horn gently*.

Publically displaying a lack of respect for, or even comprehension of, reasonable behaviour and sensible boundaries, with a side order of apparently complete inability to predict logically the probable effects on others, is rarely good for one's social life or academic career, nor should it be.

Moral: Before taunting the "marginalised, friendless and helpless", 1) Prepare to be known as a person who does that sort of thing and 2) Make sure they actually are.
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You know, I am thinking that the difficulty here is that the people who don't intuitively get the importance of attacking a bad feminist argument without feeling compelled to either pointedly and publically distance themselves from "a certain kind of feminist" or else judge the feminism of the person who makes is -- are not the people who read my lj.

The people who read my lj GET that crucial distinction.

And I have somehow given the impression that I mean YOU, when I do not.

Therefore and because I am both tired as Hell and generally not at my best atm, I have taken the text and put it in a nice comfy text file on my desktop for further consideration.


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