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[ profile] rosiespark asked for more Steeleye Span, and I hear and obey.

The Blacksmith, from Please to See the King.

Isabel, from Back in Line.

Lady Diamond, from Back In Line.

Gaudete, from Below the Salt.

Demon Lover, from Commoner's Crown.

Sir James the Rose, from Rocket Cottage.

False Knight on the Road, from Please to See the King.

Shaking of the Sheets, from Tempted and Tried.

Fighting for Strangers, from Tonight's the Night.

Cam Ye, from Tonight's the Night.

King Henry, from Below the Salt.

Black Jack Davy, from All Around My Hat.

Lowlands of Holland, from Hark! the Village Wait.

The Victory, from Storm Force Ten.

Lyrics, links for ordering, and additional information: The unofficial Steeleye page.

How to buy a lot of Steeleye Span (as well as many other good things) at Very Good Prices:, which has a really lovely introductory deal and very reasonable monthly subscriptions.
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And because it hardly seems fair to expect [ profile] iansmomesq to do all the music pimping without getting any music pimped back to her...

I conclude that I must pimp The CanCon.


Three YouTube videos of Garnet Rogers in performance. All from a show called Listen Up, and all, oddly, true stories of one sort or another.

Small Victories. It's about his wife Gail's horse, Two Bitter, whose third foal is the spectacular A Fine Romance.

Frankie and Johnny. A song about brothers. One dies, one lives. And no, it's not about Stan. As Garnet says in the intro, it's based on a true story, but not HIS true story.

Night Drive is about Stan.

Right. Convinced that you need some Garnet? Go here. (If you're not convinced yet, go there anyway, there are audio samples.)


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