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Birthdate:Dec 2
This journal has adult content.

In fact, as I am an adult, I hope it is entirely adult content.

By which I mean silliness, compassion, inquiry, sense AND sensibility, discussion, honest creative work done to the best of my ability and oh, yes, sex, love, passion and sometimes war, death, pain and valour.

It is therefore suitable for adults and people who aspire to become adults, and both sorts of people are welcome here.
The small minority who fit neither category may wish to go elsewhere.

If you want to know more, you could go here. Or just climb aboard; I'm friendly.

Also, it seems that one must specify an icon policy these days. So here is mine, with my sincere apologies to the vast majority of people who would never dream of taking without asking and therefore don't need to be told this:

I don't use community icons or shared ones, except a few that are shared among friends.

If it's not credited, that doesn't mean I took it from somewhere and didn't credit it. It means I made it myself. If you see one you like here and want to use it, I expect you to check with me first. Some I'm happy to share, some I'm possessive about. I'm not an unreasonable woman, though; go ahead and ask.

I am, in no particular order:

A fangirl after the manner of the Viscomte de Valmonte, a Feminist, Dyke, Boy-Kisser, Damned Colonial, Slasher, Socialist, Dreamer, Sometime Academic, Sex Activist, Poly, Fannish, Cheefully Oversocialized, and In No Particular Order.

Apparently, I am also best expressed in quotations.

stealin' DNA samples from the unborn
and then you comin' after us
cause we sampled a James Brown horn?
~ Michael Franti

She says, 'I have lived here nearly all my life
I scare them to death because I say what I like' ~ Tom Cochrane

"Write to amuse? What an appalling suggestion!
I write to make people anxious and miserable and to worsen their indigestion."
~ Wendy Cope.

"Imbued with all our noblest thoughts and impulses, sieved through every imaginable vicissitude, bent and twisted like pipecleaners into all conceivable sexual and emotional positions and making the most of them~

Okay. So they aren't real men.
So we're imposing female feelings on them.
Fuck, it's about time somebody did."
~ C.M. Decarnin, on slash characterization.

"Sounds like there are a lot of things you haven't done. And if you're going to spend time with me you're just going to have to get over it. Life's short."
~ misia's Mom.

"I have emotion, no-one who knows me could ever fail to detect it
But there's a serious shortage of tranquility in which to recollect it.
So here's my contribution to the ongoing debate:
Sometimes, poetry is emotion recollected
In a highly emotional state."

~ Wendy Cope.

"I shall never be different. Love me." ~ WH Auden

"By nice probably mean selfish women who have no more thought for the underprivileged, overworked women than a pussycat in a sunny window for the starving kitten in the street. Now in that sense I am not a nice woman for I do care." – Nellie McClung

Interests (148):

18th century, acting, age of sail, alice's restaurant anti-massacre movement, archie kennedy, archie/edrington, ballads, barrayar, bisexuality, bite us yeltar, blackadder, blackpowder, books, boys kissing, breeches, british actors, bujold, cambridge spies, cannon, canon gayness, christopher marlowe, crowded house, crumpet, crying men, da vinci's inquest, damned colonials, david bowie, debauched sloths, debauchery, dinosaurs and sodomy, dork hats, dorothy sayers, dumb shakespeare humor, edrington, edward pellew, edwardian, english country houses, equal rights, erotica obscura, expressing aristocratic solidarity, eyebrow acting, eyebrow of sex, eyebrow of snark, fairport convention, feminism, fictional hornblower scholars, finn brothers, first-thing-we-do-we-kill-all-the-vanguard, flagitiousness, freedom and necessity, freedom of belief, freedom of conscience, freedom of expression, futtocks, gaunt/chaucer, gay marriage, georgette heyer, georgian, glitter, grammar, gunnery, henry v, het, historical fiction, hms surprise, horatio hornblower, horatio/archie/edrington, hornblower, irrational-fear-of-prunella-scales-and-a-hammer, j.r.r. tolkien, jack davenport, jamie bamber, john donne, john of gaunt, jolly boats, leeks, leonard cohen, lobsters, lois mcmaster bujold, lord peter wimsey, madeline l'engle, major edrington, master and commander, men who are grownups, midshipmen, napoleonic wars, naval history, not invading france, oscar wilde, pamela dean, paul mcgann, peoplefinder, pervy naval gazers, pho, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, port, potc, pro-porn feminism, punnery, reenactment, regency, responding to comments, responding to feedback, richard shindell, rising above druid buggery, robert lindsay, royal shakespeare company, rum, sam west, samuel west, science fiction, sex activism, sex radicalism, sharpe, sharpe/edrington, ships, shore leave, shouting hurrah, slash, slutbunny, snark, sodomy, squeaking archie, squee, stagecraft, steeleye span, stiff upper lips, stripy socks, surfeiting, swords, tailcoats, tall ships, tedders/edders, terry pratchett, the clash, theater history, thomas dolby, toad the wet sprocket, u2, using "depose" euphemistically, vorkosigan, wat tyler, wigs, william bush, women's history, yeltar
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