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You all are fabulous; thank you for the kind words.

Things are a little quieter here now; B and J are getting settled in a bit, they have some clothes -- some retrieved from where they were staying before, some bought -- (though somehow we managed to make it out of Value Village without ringing up or taking the shirts we'd picked out for B. -- my bad. We will go get more tomorrow.) and are beginning to meet some people.

Various people have asked me what they can do to help.

The main thing you can do to help, if you care to, is this: post the url for in your lj. No matter where you live in the world, even if you think nobody in the US reads your journal.

The very best is if you both post it as readable text and link to the page, like this:

Gack this icon and use it if you like, too. Or make your own with the url on it. I'm not asking people to comment-spam people, cause that is vile, but if you care to use an icon with the url on it when you're commenting on journals anyway, that would rock.

The goal is twofold: first of all, obviously, we can use money. Getting people settled when they've come up here with nothing costs money. Dealing with Immigration costs money. Taking an appeal of a rejected refugee application to the Supreme Court of Canada costs money. If people want to donate, that would be nice.

But that's not the main thing. The main thing is that the US military does not want its members to know that we exist.

Our houseguests are with us right now because one of them saw the url for somewhere, and therefore knew that if they were ready to take the step of coming up here there would be help and support for them.

Plain and simple, we need to get that url in front of as many eyeballs as possible. It's easy to remember, once seen. Once is enough. Something they can tuck away in their memory, for the day when they need it.

So if any of you did that? That would rock.
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I posted these links awhile ago, but I've got a good reason to repost them now.

There are war resisters in our house. We'll be a bit crowded for the next month or so ...

They're really good people and I think we're going to enjoy having them, even more so once we all stop being a bit ... startled?

We found out about this at noon today, though we were aware of it as a vague possibility a couple of days ago, and they're still pretty dazed and tired from the trip and all the stress that goes with it.

More later, maybe. It's their story to tell first and foremost.

Meanwhile, if you want to donate to War Resisters Support, go here

If you or someone you know wants to leave the US military and needs support, go here.

ETA: They're into the process of applying for refugee status, and therefore safe from extradition, etc, so yeah, I can talk about it now.


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