Dec. 4th, 2008

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I'll be down at the Hill at noon today, as part of the 62 percent majority who voted for someone other than the CPC in the last election.

There are rallies all across Canada, most but not all of them today.

If Harper's Government has lost your confidence, or if they never had it, you could go to one of them and say so.

Dress warmly.

And for now, have some SOTW:

marnanightingale: (what would wellington do?)
Last night, [ profile] fajrdrako made me a birthday cake!

Also, my husband is hot. LIKE BURNING:

Despite the fact that we were actually making Bloody Asides before his Memorable Post, [ profile] auraephilia, [ profile] aurieaphilia, [ profile] fajrdrako and [ profile] raynedaze and I have decided to blame [ profile] jsburbidge for this:

I think we met every history buff at the rally.

Splendidly enough, when we arrived at the Hill there was a Headless Harper. We teamed up immediately.

There was a small pro-Harper contingent, whose picture I tried but apparently failed to take. Their contributions included chanting "OUI" in what was apparently meant for a sarcastic tone (this OF COURSE impresses, when done in Ottawa, on the Hill) and a sign with a very bad sketch of Stephane Dion dressed as Lenin, topped by what was apparently meant to be "Nyet" in Cyrillic. It was mispelled.

And now there is food. I shall go eat it.


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